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Conroe ISD Trustee Position 1 Candidate Seeks to Unite

CONROE, TX -- Evan Berlin, Conroe ISD Graduate and long-time education and community advocate, says the politics surrounding a nonpartisan race for school board end with him.

“We simply will not survive, let alone thrive, until we can break bread together as members of the community in which we live,” Berlin said.

The District is among the largest in Texas, and Berlin feels the political climate causes unnecessary confusion for parents and students.

“It is not the job of the District to indoctrinate children on topics better reserved for at-home discussions,” Berlin continues, “I believe we all want what is best for our families, students, and their future children; and, we achieve this by establishing a legacy of leadership in education focused on love, hope, and prosperity – not politics.”

While politics continue to surround School Board elections across the Nation, Berlin is not shy about his passion for education and community. Berlin believes education should not be hindered.

“The situation is not only about books and parental oversight, but encouraging and empowering parents to have meaningful conversations with their students and educators about their values,” Berlin said.

Berlin says the District is the sum of many, and at the highest level, a community.

“I was raised in this community,” Berlin says. “And I am a responsible citizen with the calling to carry forward a legacy of leadership and deliver to our community, students, parents, and educators what they require and deserve,” Berlin said.

Berlin is a Conroe resident running for Conroe ISD Board of Trustees Position 1.